The general planning is as follows:

  • July, 2nd : Welcome in Montpellier on Sunday afternoon at Maison des relations internationales – Hôtel Sully. 16:30 – 19:30
  • July, 3rd, 4th and 5th : 3 full days conference with simultaneous workshops from Monday July 3rd till Wednesday July 5th at Montpellier Supagro.
  • July 5th afternoon : Demonstrations and BtoB meetings at Montpellier Supagro.
  • July, 6h : Technical tour on Thursday July 6th visiting facilities related to agriculture and ICT.

For more information about the schedule and day by day program (smart program on Easychair site), click here. See also day by day program below.

Click here to download a 2 pages pdf with the overall planning of the conference day by day.

ATTENTION – The sunday congress welcome cocktail location is specific. The welcome cocktail will take place in Montpellier city center at the Maison des relations internationales – Hôtel Sully (14 Descente en Barrat, 34000 Montpellier). From Monday to wednesday, the congress will take place place in Montpellier SupAgro.

More information about:

Day by day from Monday to Wednesday

Monday July 3th

08:30 Desk opens
09:00 PLENARY Amphi Lamour
Welcome word, congress program presentation
presentation of support partners
keynote speaker Kun Mean Hou
Flash presentation of posters no 1 (remote sensing)
10:45 Coffee break
11:10 SESSIONS – end 13:00
 Remote  IN-OVIVE  Sense&Rob1
Remote sensing and planning  Sensing, robotics and electronics for agriculture 
Amphi Lamour   Amphi 206  Amphi 208
13:00 Lunch time
14:30 PLENARY Amphi Lamour
Flash presentation of posters no 2 (sensing)
Flash presentation of posters n°3 (ICT for farming)
keynote speaker Guy Faure
Flash presentation of posters n°4 (big data & semantics)
15:50 Coffee break
16:10 SESSIONS – end 18:00
Sense&Rob2 Know ICTFarm On-line teaching
Sensing robotics and electronics for agriculture Semantic interoperability and knowledge management ICT for farming: management and optimisation Flipped classroom
Workshop by R Berruto & P Busato, 1 hour
Amphi Lamour Amphi 206 Amphi 208 Room 106

Social program: guided tour – 2 departure times – Bus meeting point

18:15 Departure n°1
18:45 Departure n°2

On invitation

18:00 EFITA prospective group meets in Room 106

Tuesday July 4th

On invitation:

08:00 EFITA board meets in room 106


08:30 Desk opens
09:00 PLENARY Amphi Lamour
Introduction of panel session by keynote speaker Karel Charvat
09:30 Panel session on Data and Open data
11:00 Coffee break
11:20 SESSIONS – end 13:10
Data Food-Chain Simul1
Big data, analytics and visualization The foodchain and agricultural ICT policies Simulation and models for agriculture
Amphi Lamour   Amphi 206  Amphi 208
13:10 Lunch time
14:30 PLENARY Amphi Lamour
Flash presentation of posters n° 5 (simulation)
keynote speaker Pascal Neveu
15:35 Coffee break
15:55 SESSIONS – end 17:45
Web ICTFarm Tech Workshop
The web, the field, the farm, the business ICT for farming: data acquisition and analysis Open data in agriculture
Amphi Lamour Amphi 206 Room 106
18:00 EFITA Assembly Amphi Lamour
It is also time to uninstall posters (remove them latest Wednesday before 11:00 to let room for demonstrations)

Social program: gala diner

19:15 Departure for gala diner at bus meeting point

Wednesday July 5th

08:30 Desk opens (Please uninstall posters if this has not been done already)
09:00 SESSIONS – end 10:50
ICTFarm Simul2
ICT for farming: smart farming applications and services Simulation and models
for agriculture II
 Amphi 206  Amphi 208
10:50 Coffee break
11:10 SESSIONS – end 13:00
ICTFarm Field To Food ICT Agri Workshop
ICT for farming: DSS From field to food: process, networks, e-business Project workshop
Amphi 206 Amphi 208 Room 106
13:00 Lunch time
14:10 EFITA oral communication awards and afternoon introduction
Amphi 206
14:30 Demonstrations B to B meetings
Plenary talk in Amphi 206
Meet speakers and demonstrations Rooms 106 & 108
in the hall
18:00 Final plenary in Amphi 206
Closing speech